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What is the "Academy" community?

We will never quit nor accept defeat.  We will never stop fighting for veterans benefits.  We are part of the elite community of fellow veterans on a mission to get what is rightfully ours.  We are INSIDERS.

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The Academy Values

Information / optimism / perserverance / courage



What is Disability Academy?

VA Claims Insider Elite is our premier medical consulting program to help Veterans get the VA disability rating and compensation YOU deserve. The #1 reason why VA disability claims get denied is due to a lack of medical evidence. The #2 reason is the VA Rating Official is unable to determine the “Nexus,” and therefore, cannot grant service-connection. We help you overcome these two problems by connecting you with medical professionals in our referral network who can provide Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ) reviews and credible Medical Nexus opinions for a wide range of conditions. Ready to get started for FREE? Click the button below now >>

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